The Man Everyone Hated - MOVIE

The British independent film 'The Man Everyone Hated' is is currently looking for funding.


Henry May is 65 and has just been released from prison. The world has moved on, but he wants revenge.


STARRING: Peter Marinker

Peter is a veteran of the stage and screen. An established voice actor who has lent his talent to such Cult TV hits as The Storyteller, The Water Margin and Monkey! He has also featured in video games such as Dark/Demon Souls and The Witcher. He was also the voice of Blofeld in the film For Your Eyes Only.

His film acting work includes: United 93, Love Actually, Judge Dredd, The Emerald Forest, Event Horizon and The Russia House. He has also been a dialogue advisor to Directors John Boorman and Wolfgang Peterson, working with actors Geoffrey Rush, Pierce Brosnan, Irene Jacobs and Dennis Quaid amongst others.

Peter’s extensive theatre credits include work at Shakespeare’s Globe, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Phoenix and The Old Vic. He is also the co- founder of The Godot Company and Director of the Bookshop Theatre Ltd.

DIRECTOR: Dominic Hailstone

Dominic is an English film director, screenwriter and visual effects artist. His film credits include 28 days later, Harry Potter and Interview with the Vampire.

In 2004 Dominic turned his attention to directing and fine art, producing the award winning films Logboy Goes Walkies and The Eel, and directing music videos for acclaimed musicians Isis and Mogwai. He specialises in highly visual, often silent work that emphasises the dark side of human nature, often with a cheeky sense of humour.

He has exhibited artwork in the Hayward Gallery and The Victoria and Albert Museum and had his films shown at the BFI, Sundance film festival and Cannes. He has also written a number of film scripts, including one with Perrier Award winning comedian Phil Nichol. This will be his first feature film.


Peter has had a long and prestigious career as a Director of Photography. His credits include Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, Withnail & I, Nicholas Roeg's Insignificance and Longitude, which picked up a BAFTA for Best Cinematography. Peter is a member of the British Guild of Camera Technicians and an accredited member of both the British Society of Cinematographers and the Australian Cinematographers Society.


Ravi originally trained as an architect but now specialises in designing environments, props, and costumes. He has experience on some of the largest movies produced in the last 15 years including Avatar, The adventures of Tintin, District 9, Batman Begins as well as work on the Harry Potter and Bond franchises.

His hope when designing is to try and expand the psychological elements of the narrative so it underpins the drama. Not just of the moment, but the arc of a movie as a whole.

He has lectured at the Architectural Association in London, as well as design studios in Shanghai and New York, on the topic of film and concept design.

MUSIC: Harry Waters

Harry Waters is an accomplished piano and Hammond organ player. He is the son of former Pink Floyd bass player Roger Waters and has played on tour with his father since 2002. He has also had great success with his own band The Harry Waters Quartet, recently playing a sold out show at the Albert Hall. In the past he has played piano and toured with Marianne Faithfull and The Ozric Tentacles. The Man Everyone Hated will be his first film score.


For Twenty four years, Fx Designer Dave Elsey has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to create memorable characters and effects. Dave has been working in movies since he was sixteen and has a distinctive, fun style that is instantly recognisable to anyone who knows his work.

In those 25 years Dave has been responsible for many memorable creations in films and TV such as Where the Wild Things Are, Farscape and more recently X-Men First Class.

In 2006 Dave was nominated for an Oscar for his work on Star Wars Revenge of The Sith. In 2011 he won the Oscar for The Wolfman alongside his friend Rick Baker.


Adam Mendez is an experienced sound artist who has worked on such feature films as: Gravity, 127 Hours, Dredd, Shame, Slumdog Millionaire, Coriolanus, Wuthering Heights, Brighton Rock and Children of Men.

ART & DESIGN: Silver Ferox

Silver Ferox specialises in creating movie poster designs for the cult horror and exploitation genres.

Recent commissions have included key art, sales art, book, CD and DVD cover designs for Ruggero Deodato, James VanBebber, Troma Team Video, Another World Entertainment, FAB Press, Paura Productions and a host of international independent productions.